We are free.

Yes, we came here as free and unlimited beings yet with a desire for experience, and so we accepted any restrictions that helped to create it … as we love to create, too. Still any experience is what we make of it. We tend to make good or bad what is just an impulse of change, like rain that falls on the ground. We transform, or we resist while sitting in judgement. We become distracted and feel lost and apart. Then again we become overwhelmed by the drama and intensity. But we always have the chance to change and move on and thus be more. And no experience is more or less than another … as whatever comes, it offers just another chance to fully embrace what is. But from which angle we do embrace is our free choice. There is the intellect and ever busy mind, there are the feelings and emotions, there is the physical body, and there is the spiritual angle, too. All is connected and intertwined and like facets. Still any experience is spiritual from the core, as we are spirit beings from the core and just seeking to let the stream flow fully of who we truly are, from Now to Now … with the help of any experience we draw into our lifes … so that we may see what we came for to see, and understand in all its facets what we came for to find out. We just seek to be fully present. But we already are anyway. It is only the temporary self that wants to really really know if this is all true and real. Yet deeper inside we know better. So we can change the outcome, too, by going deeper inside ourselfes and keep on being focused on the spiritual angle, and act and react in such ways and navigate the currents of life. It is not the others that make the world worse. But we can make it better every day. And we will go on from here as free and unlimited as we are.


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